Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cats And Dogs, Dogs And Cats

I try to keep my camera with me at all times and snap photos whenever I see something I think will make a nice picture. This, for example:

Bramble would normally have been shooed off the kitchen counter, but he looked too cute this time so I took a picture instead:

Clover, Seamus, Fergus and Daphne in the farm house kitchen:

Draco likes to sit atop the dog food bin and also, I keep a clean pair of shoes there - or a dirty pair, depending on where I'll be going next:

Another canine collection, this one with all five dogs:

We've had a lot of nice, unseasonably mild weather and the dogs have been able to spend some pleasant time out in their fenced yard:

Jack, Fergus and Daphne:

Old Snoozey. He was deteriorating and I thought he'd soon pass away, but some TLC has given him a happy extension to his life:

Bramble watching me again, this time from beside the kitchen table, with the dogs in the background:

Clover atop Seamus, with Draco nearby:

Daphne and Seamus in their yard. There is still no snow on the ground:

Daphne, Bramble and Clover:

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