Monday, December 28, 2015

An Update On The Red Poll Girls

Our incredibly nice December weather has been good for the cattle. On the day I took this photo, three of the calves were watching me. They've grown so big that it's difficult to know which animal is which except by their ear tags:

Little Pearl is the youngest and still nursing. Her mom, Scarlett, is a good mother:

And all my cattle love to congregate around the bale feeder:

Gladys, Gracie's daughter, is my favorite calf. She loves grain so much that she's become quite tame, realizing that I am its source:

Another photo of Scarlett and Pearl, mother and daughter. I was taking photos in order to advertise the calves for sale:

A sunny day in upstate New York. It sure didn't feel like December:

The red in their coats shines in the sun:

This is Amy. She was undersized and underfed when she arrived here, with a too small head and an arched back. Look at her now. She's a lovely cow - and quite friendly too:

The salad bar:

Another shot of Scarlett and Pearl, this one with Rosella off to the right. Rosella was Scarlett's calf from last year:

Pearl and Scarlett again. These photos paid off, by the way, for Pearl has now been sold:

All my red ladies of the bovine persuasion:

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