Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dyke Road In Bangor, New York

I'd just finished a driving tour of two scenic, rural roads in Franklin county, New York (previous two posts) and turned onto state highway 11 to head for home. I passed an interesting looking rural road and thought, "I might as well drive down it and take a look." So it was that I came to take a driving tour of Dyke Road in the town of Bangor, New York:

Dyke Road was indeed rural. This house, barn and garage sat so very far off the road that I had to use my zoom lens to photograph it. Surrounded by hay fields, it seemed to me like "the little house on the prairie." I remember thinking how much snow plowing they must have to do in the winter to keep that long driveway clean:

There were fields filled with long, giant, plastic covered tubes of what must surely have been silage:

And fields covered with farm equipment:

This historic farm house and barn sat up on a small hill:

There were golden woodlands:

And green hills, covered with tall Pines:

This farm pond had a wooden pier built out into it, perfect for children who liked to swim in the summertime:

We were just outside the Adirondack Park border and the sandy soil must have been similar, because this moss, birch and Reindeer Lichen covered hillside sure reminded me of the Adirondacks:

What appeared to be an elegant estate sat up on a hill and behind the trees:

This farm house and outbuilding sat so far off the road that I wondered if it had another entrance off another road somewhere. Again, I used my zoom lens to get a picture:

I ended my driving tour at this historic looking building with a new, metal roof. It had the look of an old school house or grange hall, but I suspect that it's just a storage barn for someone now. I saw no houses near it. My driving tour had come to an end, it was past lunchtime and I was hungry. So I put my camera away and aimed for home:

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