Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Baker Road In Bangor, New York

Note: Real winter arrived here yesterday and we are getting a wind/snow/ice storm right now - but I had these warmer weather posts already in the pipeline. Sigh. I wish the weather depicted in these posts would have lasted.

Sunny days, unseasonably warm temperatures - could this possibly have been the north country in December? Yes it could, and I planned to use one morning of it to see some lovely rural scenery. I drove east on NY Route 11B to the town of Bangor, and turned right onto rural Baker Road:

There were several old stone homes on Baker Road:

Another view of the above home, this one also showing its barn:

There was this old shack with a chimney, all by itself. Could it possibly once have been a home? It seemed too small:

An old cemetery, well groomed but without any driveway entrance that I could find:

And gravestones which were quite old, such as this one, dated 1811:

Another stone house:

This barn/garage was notable for the mural of colorful farm animals on its front wall:

A major farm with an old fashioned look to it:

And in case you wanted a better look at that blue barn and silo (as did I). here is a full frontal:

Another old farm house, barn and silo:

I came to an intersection with this very small, old, abandoned home. I turned around there and headed back to a side road which I planned to travel on my way back home. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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