Wednesday, December 30, 2015

McGillic Road In Bangor, New York

I was traveling McGillic Road on my way home from a photo driving tour of Baker Road(yesterday's post). Not surprisingly, I decided that the scenery here was too beautiful to ignore, so I again began snapping photos, beginning with this wall made of stones, many of them the size of compact cars:

Blue, green and white barns:

A rambling old farm house with a lamp jockey out front:

A collection of farm equipment outside a historic barn:

A very old barn with lots of windows:

Even the brushy fields were beautiful, backed by woodlands and stretching out in some places to the horizon:

A modern, woodsy home:

A field of giant hay bales:

And there were even more hay bales, hundreds of them. I did not, however, see any animals to eat them...............

Until, that is, I arrived back at the state highway, I stopped to photograph this handsome herd of Belted Galloways:

They were strikingly beautiful and I imagined how it would be if I'd chosen them instead of Red Poll cattle:

I'm glad I have Red Polls, but the Belted Galloway cattle sure are lovely, aren't they? But that was the end of McGillic Road, so I turned onto the state highway toward home:

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