Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 Gingerbread House Contest - Part 2

I was thoroughly amazed by the elaborate gingerbread creations on display and remarked that they seemed far more intricate that last year's entries. I presented the first half yesterday. Here's the second half, beginning with this "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland," in the Family/Group Category. It didn't win an award - but it would have if I had been a judge:

This is Mr. Baggins' residence in Hobbiton, from "Lord Of The Rings." It won First Place, Youth Category, and the judges remarked at the creativity of imagining Bag-End in winter:

From the book, "Gingerbread Friends," by Jan Brett. This won Second Place, Adult Category:

This elaborately detailed gingerbread creation was "The Oxcart Man" and won First Place, Family/Community Group Category:

"Hogwart's Express And Platform 9 3/4," from the Harry Potter books. This won a Second Place, Children's Category:

It's not so obvious from the photo, but everyone recognized this fairy tale scene instantly. It's the three houses from "The Three Little Pigs. The roofs were off so people could see the detail inside, though when I saw them I figured the Big Bad Wolf had blown the roofs away. This won an Honorable Mention, Children's Category:

From "The Lorax," by Dr. Seuss. The creator mentioned that it was intentionally lopsided since "Dr. Seuss never drew a straight line in his life." It impressed the judges, who gave it First Place, Adult Category:

Another Bag-End Hobbit House, this one depicted in summertime. It won a Second Place, Family/Community Group Category:

"Charlotte's Web," the farm scene, with shredded wheat for hay and Corn Chex for the roof.

I had seen and photographed all seventeen entries, so I put my camera away and toured the store part of TAUNY, buying several handmade Christmas gifts. I hope you enjoyed this two part gingerbread tour. Merry Christmas!

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