Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Civilization, More Wilderness

I was still driving the back roads, though they were now real blacktopped thoroughfares with occasional houses and signs of civilization here and there. And yet the natural beauty continued. Notice this wetland scene, which could be complete wilderness except for the telephone wires along the edge of the road:

I passed this private campground which didn't appear to be crowded at all. What a pleasant place for a family to camp!:

And more Adirondack wild scenery in spite of the telephone pole:

This small rocky mountain looked to me like a great place to hike. I'll wager that the local residents (what few there are) hike up there for the scenic overlooks and to camp out. Rocky high places usually provide the best views because the trees are limited:

And then I saw a tiny turn off into a grassy meadow. I passed it by at first, but quickly turned around and pulled in to give the dogs a break. It was a beautiful place with long distance scenic views through the mountains where the telephone wires traversed:

The dogs by now are quite familiar with the routine. They can trot around and enjoy themselves, but are not allowed to get too far away from me. They must also return to me when called:

Winky and Wren, my two old curmudgeon dogs, like to stay rather close to the car. And even at the car, the scenery was terrific:

And 19 seconds of little Clover running through the grasses of an Adirondack meadow, another first experience for her:

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