Friday, July 9, 2010

The Last Leg Of The Journey Home

I was on my way home from the farm with my carload of dogs. We'd again taken the back roads tour through the northeastern Adirondacks but this time done so successfully and with spectacular scenery the entire way:

When I hit Route 9N, I turned south toward the towns of Keene and Keene Valley to connect with Route 73, my usual route. There was very little traffic that day even on those popular roads and when I got to Marcy Field, the former air field, I stopped for pictures. I could hardly have asked for better scenery to photograph:

Marcy Field is home to a large farmers' market on Sundays during the summer. It has a parking lot from which hikers begin their ascents up into the high peaks. Sometimes there's a shuttle bus which departs from Marcy Field, but according to a sign it's been discontinued. I was quite happy to have that scenic gem all to myself and to shoot some pictures:

Keene Valley is entirely surrounded by mountains, some of them rugged high peaks and others, like this one, more gentle and inviting:

The high peaks are, however, close at hand. They may look distant in this photo, but are only a few minutes drive from Marcy Field:

And just before entering the highway for the high speed final leg of the journey back to Albany, I once again stopped to let the dogs play along the shores of the Ausable River:

As we enjoyed our final rest stop on this, the last leg of our journey home through the Adirondacks, I decided to get a brief video of the beautiful Ausable River. We had it all to ourselves, with no people in sight anywhere. The Adirondacks is truly a remarkable, spectacularly beautiful place, a treasure for New Yorkers:

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