Thursday, July 1, 2010

An Afternoon In The Farm Apartment

I'd arrived at the farm, fed the dogs and taken an inspection tour. This was Clover's first experience being in my apartment, though you'd never know it as she acted like she'd been there forever. She romped and wrestled with Daphne and Fergus:

She lounged on the floor pillows

Fergus jumped up on the bed as if it was bed time:

Old Wren and Winky just wanted to rest:

All the dogs seemed to have enjoyed the trip up to the farm and were happy to have arrived. Or maybe it's just that dogs are nearly always happy about everything. It's no wonder that we love their company so much:

Little Clover posed for some cute pictures:

Daphne, Clover and Fergus are young enough to enjoy nonstop wrestling, but the other dogs were content just to relax:

I patted the head of my devoted friend, Seamus, and headed back outside to drive to the little grocery store in Brasher Falls, New York:

I was sitting at my table when the two Papillon puppies began playing. I grabbed my camera to record their silliness. Wren, the old brown dog in the video, tried her best to just ignore them. The jingling noises you hear may sound like someone preparing dinner, but was in reality Winky, my old Pekingese dog, moving about with his dog tags hitting the floor (he is, after all, quite short-legged).

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