Tuesday, July 6, 2010

At Last, A Bit Of Civilization!

I drove for many miles without seeing any building, any other vehicle or any other person. But at long last, my car tires hit blacktop and I began to see Adirondack camps along a lake. Still no people or vehicles, though:

This beautiful farm house had a yard filled with wild lupines which, by the way, were in bloom through much of the Adirondacks:

It was nice to see some signs of civilization, but still the population was sparse and, in fact, I only saw one person all the time I was on those back roads. And still there were plenty of wilderness areas to ogle:

This is the sort of old barn whose photo I'd love to put in a calendar some day. I love old barns:

And this old farm house with its yard full of Lupines went with the barn. It was unoccupied and had piles of junk on the porch, possibly a victim of foreclosure. But it was absolutely, gorgeously picturesque - an example of old fashioned summertime in the Adirondacks:

And in spite of finding some homes and tiny settlements, the Adirondack wilderness was everywhere present. I was mighty glad I'd dared to attempt this back road journey:

I'll end with a brief video of the dogs and I walking along a forest path. They stayed together better this time than they did last time:

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