Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy At Home - Dogs In Their Natural Environment

Here's a few scenes of the dogs around the house. It will be immediately apparent what hard working dogs I have. Their lives are not easy. Let's begin with the two Papillon puppies. Daphne, on the left, is 7 months old and Clover is 12 weeks:

A friend made extra large dog beds for Seamus, but you can see who enjoys them the most:

The route from my computer to my bathroom. It would be very difficult if I had to make that journey in a rush:

Clover is happy at home, unraveling my carpeting:

And Daphne comes over to help. Carpet unraveling is one of Daphne's favorite games, second only to stripping plaster off the walls:

"Watch this, Daphne. I can shred two rugs at once!"


All my "helpers" while I'm doing morning chores - Draco the cat, Seamus, Daphne, Clover, Winky, Wren and there in the lower left hand corner, you can just make out Fergus' foot. See how they help?:"

Wally and Seamus continue the bathroom obstacle game. I think it's called "Watch Dad trip and swear:"

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