Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendly Dogs Make For A Welcoming Home

Fergus and Wren do a bit of snoozing on the rugs. They've got dog beds all over the floor, but most of my dogs seem quite content with rugs. Wren is aging so rapidly now that she can barely walk and, I suspect, is slowly losing weight. I know that one day soon we will make that sad trip the the vet, but for now she still seems OK:

The two Papillon puppies, on the other hand, are growing like weeds and full of energy. What a pair they make!:

Clover, the youngest of the two, still has her puppy fuzz but has begun sprouting longer legs. Daphne already has her adult coat. They're so active that it's amazing their bodies can still find the wherewithal to grow:

The puppies do their share of sleeping, though, and especially so when they can sleep with their big gentle buddy, Seamus. Fergus is generally right in the dog pile with them but on this day kept a little distance:


Wren, Fergus, Seamus, Clover and Winky were keeping me company as I worked on the computer:

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