Monday, July 5, 2010

Deeper Into The Adirondack Wilderness

The dogs and I continued heading southwest along narrow, seldom used roads through the northern Adirondacks. I stopped momentarily to snap a photo of the dirt road I was driving. This was what looked on the map like a highway. I suppose it's impassable in the winter:

The roads may have been small and some were unpaved, but no one could ask for more spectacular scenery. Or perhaps spectacular is not the right word. I found the scenery pleasant, rejuvenating and calming, as if I was finally home where I belonged:

Miles and and miles of wetlands passed by my window with channels of open water snaking through the marshy areas. I sure would have liked to canoe these waters once upon a time. But now, at my age and with 7 dogs, I'm happy to see them from the roadside:

Big skies, mountain peaks, wilderness forests, wild marshes and unnamed ponds:

Canoe-able waters amongst the marshes:

And an open lake at the foot of the mountain:

And off through the trees, more mountains and more Adirondack wilderness. I still didn't know if I'd have to turn around and go back the way I'd come, but I was enjoying this drive so much that I just kept driving:

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