Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Dove Update Numer 8. They're Almost Ready

Nest #2's babies are now 23 and 24 days old. Here's the 23 day old albino baby with its parents. Alas, it is growing and maturing slowly and lagging behind its sibling. Yet still it's thriving and learning to eat on its own:

And the 24 day old sibling with its albino nest mate. You can see the size difference. I was quite worried that the parents would cease feeding both of them before the albino was ready, but apparently all is well:

And the reason this baby is so different. Not only is it a true albino, but it's also a "silky" with fancy feathers:

It does, I admit, still have a bit of a homely vulture look:
Yet its 24 day old sibling has become a lovely, graceful dove:

The family from nest #1, the parents on the top perch and the 26 day old babies on the bottom perch:

This photo was used in the Want Ad Digest ad. I hope it brings in some phone calls:

I can honestly say that these babies are "hand tamed," not that that is a difficult thing with these naturally tame doves:

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