Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Even Wilder (And Wetter) Adirondacks

We had taken our rest break and climbed back into the car so I could continue driving on those narrow roads, sometimes blacktopped, sometimes not, toward the main highway. It amazes me even now that those roads are made to appear as highways on the map and are sometimes the only roads in the area. Well, I didn't have to worry about traffic congestion or too many people. And the scenery was outstanding:

This unnamed lake (or pond or marsh) abutted the road for quite a distance. I just had to stop and take pictures. You may notice Daphne in the window keeping an eye on me:

This is Adirondack wilderness at its finest and the dogs and I had it all to ourselves - all of it:

I considered walking down the road bank to the water's edge, but it was steep and full of weeds. And the dogs had just had a break and I did, after all, have to get back to Albany at some reasonable hour. So I just snapped pictures of the beauty:

Of course besides what you see in these photos, there were lots of singing birds and the aromas of Pines, Spruces and Balsams:

And framing the wetlands were more mountains:

These were scenes of serene beauty and calming to the soul:

But of course the time soon came for me to get back into the car and continue on my way. On these narrow, seldom used roads, I didn't know what I'd encounter next. I'll post more tomorrow:

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