Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Santa Clara Access To The St. Regis River - Part 3

The dogs and I were enjoying a hike along the St. Regis River (see also previous two posts). The skies darkened just as we arrived at the edge of a bog:

The rain held off until we were back in the car, so we continued to enjoy exploring the bog. It was too wet for me to step foot in the actual marsh, but Seamus had no such fears and went right into it:

And then we pulled away and continued to follow the trail. Little Jack seldom stopped running:

It was a fun romp:

This is perhaps my favorite photo because it shows Seamus, having recently slimmed down, frolicking like a puppy. You can see his ears flopping as he bounced along:

The dogs slowed down only slightly as we neared the end of the trail:

The birch, pine and tamarack trees made nice frames for our hiking photos:

The trail was a loop and brought us back to our car. But we took one last trip to the river's edge before we left:

Daphne and Seamus are my two most water loving dogs:

But all the dogs went into the water at some point on this hike:

And then we all climbed back into the car. It was only fifteen miles from home:

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