Saturday, November 14, 2015

Farm Dogs, House Dogs

I snap pictures of the pets, livestock, farm and scenery as I go about my daily routines. Then I put them in folders for use in blog posts. When I uploaded these,  I was surprised to see how many were of the dogs enjoying their outdoor run. I guess it illustrates how lovely our autumn weather has been - until today (it was a cold, icy, snowy mess out there this morning):

Clover, Daphne and Jack watched me from behind the tall grass along the fence line:

An indoor photo of Jack on a fleecy dog bed:

The only other indoor photo for today's post was of Daphne, Rocky and Clover, all snuggled up together in the farm house kitchen:

Back outdoors, Seamus and Fergus watched my every move as I collected apples to feed the cattle:

We've had a lovely autumn, but of course I knew full well what was coming:

Daphne and Clover on the ramp which leads from my back door to their fenced yard:

Clover is fond of sunning herself, lying in the tall grass along the fence line where the mower can't reach:

You can see that the apple trees in the background had lost most of their leaves, and the Rugosa Roses were turning yellow. But it was a gloriously warm and sunny day for my happy dogs:

Former tenants left behind the dog house. None of my dogs have ever used it except for Daphne. She sometimes goes inside it:

Seamus decided to join Clover as she enjoyed the sun and soft grass:

Jack is just happy to be out of the terrifying animal shelter and in a home where he has so many friends:

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