Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Elmer And Alburg Roads, Town Of Moira - Part 1

Indian Summer was upon us and our freezing night turned into a gloriously sunny and beautiful day. I did the chores and then headed out in the car to take a driving tour of rural Elmer Road, just over the county line in the town of Moria. I was not disappointed, beginning by snapping a photo of these two barns and silo:

The cattle who belonged with those barns:

I got a shot from a different angle as I began my tour of Elmer Road:

I passed corn fields, forests and this hay field, bordered by a woodland of golden leaves and white birch trunks:

Pine forests:

This lovely log home was right at home, sitting between its split rail fence and the forest trees:

Another hay field, this one bordered by a woodland of mostly White Pine:

Partially harvested cornfields:

And a woodsy home, nestled back in the pines:

This large, well kept barn sat behind a stone wall and barbed wire fence:

I came to an Amish farm with twin silos, a large grain bin and lots of old farm equipment. And there was more yet to see. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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