Monday, November 16, 2015

The Red Poll Girls

My apple supply has seemed limitless this fall, and the cattle have been the beneficiaries of such extravagance. Annie and Gladys were certainly enjoying some apples and pears in this photo:

 Gracie, Scarlett and Amy were mighty happy about the abundance as well:

Loretta, Pearl, Rosella and Annie seemed pleased also, though I've never actually seen little Pearl eat an apple - or grain either, for that matter. She's the youngest, so I'm not worried. Her time will come:

The cattle rush to chow down on any new hay bale I bring in. That makes it difficult to drive and to remove the twine from the bale. But all my girls are friendly, so I just walk among them, shouldering them out of the way when necessary:

Except for the extremes of weather they have to endure, I'd say these girls live an idyllic life:

Autumn is a particularly good time of year for cattle - not too cold, not too hot, with no flies:

I spotted this white stuff in the grass as I walked across the field. It's milk foam, left behind by a hungry calf as it nursed here only moments ago:

Bountiful apples, blue skies, colorful leaves and shiny red cattle:

More of the same:

This is little Merlin, my only bull calf this year. Being a purebred and the only male may have saved him from becoming hamburger. I'm hoping to sell him as a breeding bull:

Now that I've owned Red Poll cattle for a few years, I have become an advocate for the breed. They are everything I'd hoped they'd be:

 Scarlett and Pearl walked over to look at me as I worked in the pasture:

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