Friday, August 4, 2017

Tri-Town Summer Festival Parade - Part 2

I was in the tiny settlement of Brasher Falls, watching the Tri-Town Summer Festival Parade (see also Part 1, posted yesterday). The three towns, which in New York are what are called townships elsewhere, are Brasher, Stockholm and Lawrence. They are all so rural that they band together for many things. This float featured live Country/Western music:

And a bus featuring the reunion of the class of 1982:

This float was entered by the Lawrenceville Baptist Church. It is common for local churches to put floats in parades, so I saw nothing odd until I got home and took a closer look at the photo. Then I began wondering about the pillory, the stone dungeon walls and the word "poultry." What that had to do with the church building a better future for God's children, I don't know:

I thought these were Smurfs, but I looked them up when I got home and learned that all Smurfs are blue and wear white domed hats. Whatever they were, they were cute:

This woman, a nearby neighbor of mine, was leading one of her donkeys with a Suicide Awareness message. Her daughter committed suicide and I'm glad that she is involved with helping others:

Another of the many firetrucks:

I wondered about the folded hoses on this firetruck, what the three different colors meant:

A tanker truck. I've seen them filling up at the St. Regis River near the feed store:

A fascinating but enigmatic float with a live donkey and two dogs. A business card which I was handed explained that this was "The Equestrian Sport Training Center" in Winthrop, NY. As to the meaning of the canoe, chainsaw, pine tree, cedar fence, etc. - the theme of the parade was "Wild And Woolly." This was my favorite float. Not only were they creative, but I almost understood it:

And old fashioned horse and buckboard:

At the end of the parade were folks on horseback, with a state trooper bringing up the rear. I thought it wise that they put the horses last, so the other paraders wouldn't be stepping in horse manure. It was a decidedly small town parade, which is why I so enjoy it each year. The people are friendly and the scenery is first rate:


  1. Small parades like this are the best! Thanks for the photos.
    RB Eugene OR

    1. Thanks. There's another parade tomorrow morning - if it doesn't get rained out.