Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Four Legged Family

The dogs are happy in the shade of the Rugosa roses, and the ramp is their favorite place to be when they are outside:

 Daisy likes to lounge atop the dog food bin. She also likes to eat dog food, so maybe she's dreaming of scarfing down its contents:

 Seamus is getting close to needing another haircut. Being both black and woolly, I try to keep him from overheating:

 Georgette is now an estimated 15 years old. She's very sweet with me and ignores the dogs. As for the other cats, however, she thinks they are her enemies. She spends her time in her bed on the kitchen table:

 Bramble is also a strange character. Maybe it's true that all cats are nuts:

 Clover and Daphne, AKA "The Silly Sisters," are best friends. They seem to think alike:

 Seamus and Fergus are also best friends who seem to think alike:

 The kitchen corner, most popular spot in the house. This collection of pets consists of Jack, Clover, Daphne, Bramble and Fergus:

 And sometimes Daisy moves in on the kitchen corner also. She's mild mannered, but the other animals seem to give her whatever space she wants:

 The three upstairs cats. Rocky, Daisy and Bugsy like to spend much time upstairs, so at night I close the door and keep them up there. That allows Georgette to roam free at night without confronting any other cats except Bramble, and he's so shy that he is not a problem:

 Back in the kitchen corner: Clover, Daphne, Bramble and Fergus:

 I keep a baby gate at the foot of the stairs and often have a welcoming committee waiting for me when I come back downstairs:

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