Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tri-Town Summer Festival Parade - Part 1

I couldn't find it online so checked at the feed store and learned that the Tri-Town Summer Festival Parade would be on Saturday at 1:00. I drove to Brasher Falls New York, parked my car and found a shady spot with the sun at my back for taking pictures. The parade began (and ended) with a state trooper's car, lights flashing. Next in line was the VFW:

There was an antique car and about four local political hopefuls. I found it odd that anyone might think that being in a parade would garner someone's vote, but then I never did understand the ways of politicians:

There were several small wagons such as this, and apparently they were used to haul pamphlets and candy to hand out. Every parade entrant tossed handfuls of candy to the crowd:

There were numerous fire trucks from the three towns - Brasher, Stockholm and Lawrence. Brasher Falls, Winthrop and Lawrenceville are smaller settlements in those towns:

Brasher Falls and Winthrop are in different towns but adjacent, so they share a fire department:

The floats were by and large a mystery to me. The sign on this odd float, which had a fish woman and a mammal of some kind, read "TTVRS will ____ there at any sticky situation." I guessed that TTVRS was an animal control service and maybe the unknown word was "bee," though I couldn't read it. And what was the mammal holding? It looked a little bit like a ham to me, but what was the red on it? As you will see, I was left to guess about a number of floats.

Right behind it was this bear on a stretcher with a bee hive on its hand. The woman was carrying a giant EpiPen. I guessed that this was part of the former float and added credence to my guess about the unknown word being "bee:"

A local bar/restaurant on the banks of the St. Regis River. This one I understood:

Another mystery float, though I supposed this was a children's hockey team:

Cubby T. Clown appears in all the local parades and I am used to seeing the car. I was surprised, however, that this time there was no one inside the car dressed as a clown. By the way, notice the old gazebo in the yard across the road. Some of the old houses and yards were fascinating, and maybe I'll present a post about them some day:

Another mystery: A Volkswagen Beetle pulling a boy, wearing a gas mask, on a skateboard. Whatever statement they were making was lost on me. There was more to come, though, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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