Sunday, August 6, 2017

Blue And Remy

Blue and Remy enjoyed their time in the north field, though they got less attention there. Since the barn was across the road, they also got no shelter in the rain, not that they minded:

Blue loved the tall grass, though I am beginning to worry about his growing belly:

Blue loves to eat (and I can certainly relate):

Remy stays trimmer, as he's genetically determined to be a more svelte style of horse:

I've watched their food preferences, and they seem to like grass better than anything. They mostly ignore broad-leafed weeds, even clover:

But then they've never run short of grass, so I suppose it's almost like me getting a daily choice of broccoli or ice cream. It wouldn't be a difficult choice, but I suspect I would not choose wisely. In their case, I think the grass is healthy. My neighbor put a feed-inhibitor on her pony to cut down its grass consumption. If Blue doesn't slow down, I may have to do likewise:

After getting their hooves trimmed, they began running and playing, feeling extra frisky. They sure do have fun sometimes, and especially if another horse goes by on the road:

They get very little grain these days, usually only a third of a cup every two or three days - and even then, just to keep them friendly and accustomed to being handled:

They have a happy life. I don't know what I'd do if one of them were to die. They've never been apart in their lives and the survivor would be bereft:

Life is good for these little horses:

I was fixing the chain on the gate and they both came over to "help" but couldn't resist nibbling grass even then:

They race to greet the neighbor when he delivers grass clippings. They only get to eat them until the slower, shyer cows arrive:

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