Friday, August 11, 2017

Here And There Around The Farm

I don't know if this is a bad omen, but the Rugosa Roses are developing large sections of yellow leaves and the rose hips are already turning orange. I don't remember this happening in past years, but then again my memory is not perfect. I'll have to wait and see how this plays out:

 The fantail pigeons seem happy and contented since I gave them hay with which to build their nests. I used to give them hay but they didn't use it. Now they love it:

 They've only produced one baby so far, but this pair is working on trying for a few more:

 I didn't noticed the eggs underneath the nest until I was editing photos. This could be one reason for the lack of breeding success:

 But they are peaceful and happy with their lives:

 The hens have a smaller area in which to live, but they are bantam (miniature) chickens:

 I walked a dozen eggs across the road to the neighbor's and noticed, on the way back, what a pretty scene my own place made. I am blessed to live in such beauty:

 And speaking of beauty, this is the neighbors' field, the view from my upstairs window:

 Queen Anne's Lace is blooming all along the rural roads now:

 And hay fields are highly productive because we've had so much rain. Farmers are having problems, though, because the hay is growing rapidly but there have been so few sunny days to get it cut, dried and baled:

 Many corn fields, however, are flooded and stunted like this one. Fields with drainage systems are doing better, but even they have had too much water:

 I have only two small Day Lilies in my yard, and they struggle because they are crowded in with more dominant Peonies. I got a few flowers from this orange plant and expect the even smaller yellow plant to produce its one or two yearly flowers soon:

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