Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Reservoir in Brasher State Forest

The dogs and I had just taken a hike in Brasher State Forest (see yesterday's post). When we were done, I decided to drive back to the reservoir before going home. I found a spot to pull off the road. I parked and let the dogs out:

They happily ran down to the water's edge, where Seamus immediately waded in amongst the cattails:

Jack decided to give the water a try. I was sure he'd never go in, though:

But little adventurer that he is, Jack decided to go all the way into the water. He seemed to enjoy it:

There was not another person anywhere and the views were wonderful:

Daphne and Clover explored the water's edge:

We walked down the shoreline and then back up toward the picnic area:

The dogs enjoyed the grassy expanse. It was a great place to run and play:

I encouraged them to go closer to the water's edge, hoping they'd go in:

Daphne did go in the water, though with less enthusiasm than she sometimes shows:

Seamus always goes in:

It had been a peaceful and scenic experience in a place to which we will surely return:

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