Friday, June 19, 2015

Dairy Princess Parade - Part 2

I was watching the Dairy Princess Parade in Canton, New York (see Part 1, yesterday). This float had hay bales, a giant milk carton and lots of young folks, happy they didn't have to walk:

Farm Credit East won a prize for this float, which featured a milk carton pouring milk into a giant stock tank:

PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) once again had a large presence. Last year they received loud applause and cheers, but not this year. I must have been standing with a group of their ardent supporters last year:

The Cerebral Palsy Association had a float with an Adirondack kayaking theme:

Another Holstein themed float, though I can't remember any details about it:

The only marching band was this group of four drummers, but they did a wonderful job:

An elaborate, prize winning float with a dairy theme. I was briefly puzzled by that square, blue figure on the left, but the sign explained that she was supporting Autism Awareness. The costume was shaped like a puzzle piece, their logo:

A commercial float, advertized solar power:

The Goldenaires, a men's barbershop group, went by singing. Last year I considered looking into the possibility of joining them - but I never did. A year can go by awfully quickly:

And the favorite float of the parade, pulled by two jet black, beautiful work horses:

And this is the float which the horses pulled:

There were more firetrucks and then lots of brand new, large farm machinery of three different brands, presumably from three local dealers:

The parade ended with antique tractors, followed by a police car. I was very close to my vehicle at that point, so I simply started it up and began the drive home:

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