Monday, June 15, 2015

Smith And Reagan Flats Roads, Town Of Bombay

I'd just finished getting my yearly auto safety inspection and there I was, far out in the countryside, on a county road on a beautiful June day. What's a guy to do? I took a driving tour through northeastern St. Lawrence County and into Franklyn County. I particularly enjoyed the scenery along Smith Road and Reagan Flats Road, in the town of Bombay. This old barn, silo, elevator, grain bin, snow plow blade and tractors, for example:

Not every home was a farm house, but they were all attractive on that fine day:

This amazing old home looked as if it might have been two homes, built at right angles near each other and then, at some later date, connected:

A mobile home with an addition, set way back into the trees. I liked the bear and pine tree decorations. Also, there was an old, yellow school bus parked out back, which you just barely see to the right of the home:

A rather elegant country home in a park-like setting:

An Amish barn raising:

On the same Amish farm, on the other side of the house, Amish women were tending to some of the horses:

A dairy herd stopped their grazing to look at me with curiosity when I pulled up to snap their picture:

The houses were sparse and I didn't take too many photos, but the last one, just before I turned onto the county road, was of this place with Adirondack siding and an amazing display of colorful flowers. That red "tree" in front was a frame, covered with pots of red flowers. I learned, after I turned the corner, that this was a business which sold flowers. Nonetheless, it was a beauty. I did a lot more driving that day and investigated some new parts of the Brasher State Forest. I hope to take the dogs there soon:

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