Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Red Poll Girls And Their Babies

I walk out to pay a visit with the cattle many times each day. The purpose, besides keeping an eye on their welfare, is to accustom them to my presence and encourage them to trust me. It seems to be working. A cow with a new baby will be wary, but none of them so far have been in any way hostile. I consider it a compliment when I walk up to a group of lounging ladies and they continue relaxing, chewing their cuds:

Gladys, Annie and Violet. The green inside Gladys' ears is tattoo ink. It will fade, leaving only the tattoo:

Jasmine, Gracie and Scarlett. Gracie apologizes for presenting you with a rear-end view:

Annie and her mom, Violet. I'm not sure which calf is behind them:

A mother and daughter pose: Violet and Annie:

Amy, with her still swollen udder, her daughter Loretta, and Rosella, last summer's calf:

All three calves: Loretta, Annie and Gladys:

The two best friends, Annie and Gladys. They are inseparable:

Time for a bit of calf play - Gladys and Annie, getting frisky in the barnyard:

Three mother/daughter pairs: Violet and Annie, Gracie and Gladys, Amy and Loretta:

Gracie gave her calf a thorough, motherly licking. I somehow didn't expect to see cows acting so much like dogs. I often notice the similarities in behavior or movements:

Annie taking a midday meal. Violet has been a stellar mother:

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