Wednesday, June 17, 2015

St. Lawrence County Dairy Princess Festival

I attended last year's Dairy County Princess Festival and enjoyed it very much, so I'd been looking forward to it this year. The day finally arrived and I drove to the village of Canton, the St. Lawrence County Seat, where the festival was being held in the park:

There were lots of fun activities for children and lots of refreshments for those of us who love to eat:

The fountain was filled with rubber ducks but I failed to find out what they were used for:

There was a petting zoo with a Jersey calf, a Holstein calf and a Guernsey calf:

At least I think this was a Guernsey calf. It was the friendliest of the three and this boy sure took a shine to it:

I treated myself to an ice cream cone:

And crowds of other people were treating themselves to hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas, french fries, maple candy, cotton candy, barbequed chicken and just about anything else you can think of:

I don't really know what this vendor was selling, but it was so colorful that I snapped a photo:

Rainbow sno-kones and cotton candy:

A Christian summer camp, located near my place, was once again hosting a dunking contest. People who could hit the target got to see the man plunged into the tank of cold water:

And it must have been pretty easy to hit the target because the man was getting soaked quite often. I suppose that's why so many people enjoy watching it:

It was almost time for the Dairy Princess Parade to begin, so I walked back across Main Street toward where I'd parked my car. A crowd had already formed on this quintessential small town scene and I was looking forward to the parade. I'll post photos of the parade tomorrow:

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