Friday, June 26, 2015

Red Poll Cattle Photo Album

The cattle have been especially pretty this spring, and I've been snapping lots of photos. Here's a few of my favorites, beginning with Jasmine. Her belly is huge and she's due to calve soon, but her udder still shows no development whatsoever:

Rosella is a very big girl now and still growing. I need to put a bigger collar on her and keep trying to do so while she's eating grain. So far, she hasn't allowed me to get it done. She backs away whenever I try:

The three calves: Loretta, Gladys and Annie:

Gladys and Annie:

Jasmine again, showing her wide, wide belly:

Sleeping as a group:

Taking it easy. The big girl, sprawled out there, is Jasmine. You can see that her belly is full but her udder is not:

Annie and Gladys were playing on the manure/bedding pile. They'd climb to the top and then jump off, running and having a grand time. Loretta was still too young to join them, but she will be enjoying such games before long:

Gladys climbed up what was left of last year's pile. When she saw me photographing her, she bounded down and across the field, kicking up her heels just for fun:

Scarlett has weaned her last calf, Rosella, and been re-bred. She's due again at the end of the summer:

Loretta can run like a deer - and often does. Catching her to put tattoos and an ear tag in her ears has not been easy. In fact, I haven't yet been able to do it:

"Catch me, huh? Not a chance, human!"

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