Monday, September 19, 2011

A Refugee From Tropical Storm Irene

I'd had two days off of work after Tropical Storm Irene. On my first day back I learned that my place of business had almost been flooded and that they'd had to close because the surrounding roads were flooding rapidly. One low lying building did flood and the next day they'd found this tiny, newly hatched Snapping Turtle swimming across the floor:

They'd brought him into the sales office and put him in a watery display for masonry waterproofing paint. They gave him a chunk of brick to get out of the water when needed:

The little guy (or gal) still had his yolk sack so wasn't hungry, but it was shrinking rapidly so I went outside and dug him up some earthworms. He gobbled them right up. Apparently Snapping Turtles are not finicky eaters:

He showed no inclination to bite so I felt free to handle him whenever necessary. And it became necessary on several occasions when he got trapped between the brick and the wall of the tank:

A week went by and I began mentioning to the boss that he really needed to be returned to the wild. The boss promised to do so, but then everyone left for the long Labor Day weekend and forgot all about the little turtle. I was the last person to leave the office, so I took the little snapper down to a side channel feeding the Hudson and let him go. Of course I don't know if he'll survive, but he had a week of protection and earthworm dinners to start him on his way. I figure that was one little refugee from Tropical Storm Irene who had a second chance at life:

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