Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Part 6, Windham Mountain

This, as I've said, was undoubtedly the longest 6.6 miles I've ever hiked. It seemed to me that we should have arrived at the summit a very long time ago. But we kept hiking uphill, over sharp rocks and hard tree roots:

The "Silly Sisters" were still having a grand old time, running in big circles and wrestling and chasing each other:

But Seamus and I were getting mighty tired as we entered into another spruce grove:

Seamus took a drink:

And then he plopped himself down in the water, exhausted:

But of course we had to press on. Daphne and Clover have now taught Fergus to climb rocks with them. These boulders would, I believe, be good examples of glacial erratics, debris left behind as the glaciers retreated:

I passed this amazing fungus on the side of a tree. It was quite ornate and intricate. But I've searched Google Images and found no hint at what it may have been. As is so often the case, I just had to content myself with admiring its beauty:

I was contemplating giving up and turning around. But just then the trail turned sharply uphill and the forest to the right of the trail dropped off precipitously - so steeply, in fact, that it was letting in much sunlight and I began to worry about the possibility of a landslide:

But all the extra sunlight had at least one very beneficial effect:

Up ahead I thought I could see sunlight and hoped that meant we were reaching the summit:

And to our right I began to see glimpses of the nearby Catskill mountains. Now I just had to keep going, though I was also secretly afraid that this was as good a view as this mountain provided. I'll post more tomorrow:

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