Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Lazy Sunday At Home

I'd planned to drive up to the farm on Sunday but predictions of heavy rains kept me home for the weekend. I needed a rest, so decided I'd spend the day doing nothing - no gym, no hiking, no touring, no lawn mowing - just hanging around. I let the dogs out into the back and was thrilled to see little Winky sitting among all the Miniature Roses and Rose of Sharon. It made a nice picture and launched me into my day of rest:

Another shot of Seamus and Clover with the flowers. The other dogs were out on the lawn doing their doggy things:

And then we all came indoors. Minutes later I found Clover snuggled up with Bramble on a dog pillow:

Daphne was snoozing nearby:

Seamus sprawled his considerable bulk across the floor (he seldom uses his dog pillows) and his buddy, Fergus joined him:

Winky was happy on an area rug:

Wally chose the coolness of a tile floor near the washer and dryer:

Rocky curled up and purred at the bottom of the carpeted cat tree:

Snoozey, who mostly stays on the floor, lived up to his name beneath a small table:

Georgette kept to herself at the top of the stairs, resting happily on her covered litter box. She was still happy to throw me a paw as I passed by, though:

Draco enjoyed the softness of a double layer of rugs at the foot of the rocking chair. This was truly a day of rest, both for me and for my pets:

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