Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quiet And Early Evening In The Farm Apartment

It had been a long day. I'd been up many hours before sunrise and then hiked both the trail up to The Pinnacle and the trail in the White Hill Wild Forest. I'd done a few chores around the farm. I was tired and ready to settle in for the night. And so was Seamus:

And so were all the dogs. They artfully arranged themselves in the farm apartment. Wally doesn't show because he was at my feet as I snapped this picture. The stinky swamp mud on Fergus' legs and paws had begun by this time to disappear:

And here's the answer to that famous question of "Where's Wally?" "I'm right here, Dad:"

Clover and Daphne had likely walked ten miles for every one I'd walked, so they had good cause to snooze on the bed. I cooked myself dinner and joined them for a good night's sleep:

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