Thursday, September 8, 2011

Glorious Miniature Roses!

You may remember that I purchased some miniature roses at bargain prices and planted them in outdoor flower pots hoping they'd thrive. Thrive they have, and the other day I walked out my back door and saw this splendid sight:

A dark red and a pure yellow:

Yellow, pink, orange, red and bi-colored (a white one hadn't begun blooming yet). I have observed that these tiny roses, only about 8" high, bloom in a variety of shades on the same plant. I find this quite amazing and they were certainly putting on a vivid display on this day:

I have two plants in each pot and four pots close together. It makes for a nice variety of colors:

Red, pink, yellow and bi-colored. I have cut these tiny flowers and put them in tiny vases. They have lasted for a week or more:

Three colors of blooms on two plants:

My camera does not take good photos of outdoor flowers, especially the light colored ones. I had to take many pictures just to get a few that would almost (but not really) demonstrate the vibrant colors:

I thought the roses were at their peak when I shot these photos but I've since learned that they were just getting started. They became more spectacular a week later than they were then:

Lots of color, perfect little miniatures. These plants come from Canada and I am hoping that they'll be winter hardy. I'd sure love to take them up to the farm with me when I retire:

And one final photo of Seamus, Fergus and Winky standing near the tiny roses. You can see their tiny size:

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