Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Snapshots From The Workplace

As many of you know, I bring the dogs in to work with me on Saturdays. On that day I'm the only person in the office and it gives the dogs an outing and they've become a favorite with the customers, almost a tourist attraction at times. I've lately been bringing in all six of them, but on this Saturday, Winky was sleeping upstairs in my bedroom so I left him alone. There were few customers, so mostly the dogs just made themselves comfortable:

One of the most frequent comments I hear is something to the effect of "Wow, they sure get along together well." I love hearing that, though I admit that I often wonder why that's so surprising. I do not allow fighting, snapping, crabbing or defensive hoarding of rawhide chewies and become quite adamant about enforcing that rule if it is broken. Keeping the cats all in harmony is quite a different story and much more difficult:

Seamus is such a giant that he simply puts his paws on the counter to greet customers. The two Papillon puppies have learned to run over to the puppy gate and act cute to get attention. Small children are a special favorite, both with Seamus and with the puppies. Wally and Fergus mostly mind their own affairs:

There are a few rugs at work, but the dogs seem to prefer the cold, hard tiled concrete floor. Well, they have Seamus to use as a soft, warm furry mattress:

Me at my desk:

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