Friday, January 7, 2011

Almost To The Farm On A Christmas Morning

I was driving up to the farm on Christmas morning with the dogs. When I passed a local chainsaw artist's front yard display, I decided to stop. His driveway had enough snow to cause me concern about backing out, but I pulled in anyway. Since I had a new chainsaw bear in my farm apartment, a gift from my sister, I considered getting him a little wooden brother:

There were small bears for sale on a bench. They were nicely carved with much detail. But even so, how much could they be? When I got close enough, I saw the price tag. $100.00 for the smallest of the litter. Well, that was the end of that idea. I backed out onto the highway and continued on my way:

The skies continued to cloud up, giving everything an opalescent patina. This is ice covered Barnum Pond with ice covered trees and ice covered mountains beyond:

The final leg of my journey is always Route 458, a high flat scenic road through the northern Adirondacks:

The firs and spruces were tipped with snow and everything was very quiet. I saw three very large Turkeys walking silently through the trees. I stopped here and jumped out with my camera because a large Bald Eagle had flown right above my car. Alas, it was out of sight before I could snap a photo :

The deciduous trees were all frosted, a perfect display for Christmas morning:

More icy beauty in the Santa Clara Tract:

And way ahead, off in the distance, I could see what I've always assumed was Canada. You can see that the road drops down into the St. Lawrence Valley with Canada just beyond:

And almost to my farm, I got another glimpse of Canada ahead in the distance. At this point I've only got about 4 miles to go. This sure is flat land, especially when compared to the adjacent Adirondacks. We were almost to the farm:

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