Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Snow And Happy, Happy Dogs

It had been a pretty darn easy winter so far, but on December 27th I awoke to find we'd been buried in snow:

I first realized how much snow we'd received when I let the dogs out the back door and discovered that the snow was piled so high against the door that I had to push hard to move it. Then I went out front to shovel:

The snow on my front sidewalk was about two feet deep and more was falling rapidly. I stuck a broom in the snow to illustrate how deep it was:

Inside, I could see snow piled up so high that it covered the bottom part of a window. That's Georgette on top of the water heater. She was keeping a vigil on the accumulating snow:

From the relative safety of my front porch I could see the snow blowing and accumulating. The winds reached 80 miles an hour that day, at times blowing all the snow sideways and feeling like a sandblasting on my face:

But I got the front walkway clean as well as that of my neighbors on either side. Then I went out back to shovel for the dogs. This resulted in their great joy. They don't often get the twin blessings of fresh snow and Dad's presence at the same time. Fergus and Seamus began to play while I snapped photos of their silliness. Wally just had to get out of the way:

A great, joyful wrestling match had begun:

"I'll get you, you big lug!":

"Ha ha! Not so fast there, little buddy!":

But eventually the great play fest ended and we all went indoors to rest and to warm up:

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