Saturday, January 1, 2011

One Final Romp In A Snowy Adirondack Forest

The dogs and I were on our way home from a visit with my sister up at the farm. The threatened blizzard had never arrived so when we got to the high peaks town of Keene, New York, I pulled off the road into my favorite little forest dog walking site:

This time I steered onto a new path through the forest, one we'd never tried before. Daphne and Clover, the two live-wire Papillon puppies, led the way with their usual great enthusiasm:

The snowy Adirondack forest was quiet and beautiful, with the pines and firs and spruce overhead. The beech in the understory were still clinging to their leaves, providing a stunning contrast in colors:

We passed some large boulders which I supposed were glacial erratics, left behind as the glaciers retreated long ago. To the pups, they were just more play things:

The two old Chinese dogs, Wally and Winky, were just as thrilled as the youngsters to be trotting along the snowy trails. They just weren't quite as fast:

Long legged Seamus can run far ahead of us all if he wanted, but being a sociable sort, he seldom does. He likes to be part of the pack, sharing the joy:

Little crooked legged Winky trotted merrily past some large boulders. I've seen X-rays of his legs and it's a wonder he can even walk. He, of course, doesn't know that so is not bothered by what we humans might consider a limitation:

Clover and Daphne latched onto an interesting smell:

And Clover watched to be sure I was coming along. This was a welcome sign because as a young puppy she tended to run ahead without concern for staying with the rest of us. Also, you can see her very large feathered ears, a sign of her excellent breeding:

But it was soon time to return to the car. I got Wally and Winky turned around:

Seamus was happy to go in any direction. It was all a great joy to him:

So our merry little troop traveled back through the forest toward our parked car. Fergus stopped to pee and Seamus, of course, stopped to watch him do it:

It was time to finish the trip back to Albany. The leisurely part of the drive was over and the balance of the the journey would be on a busy highway. This is the last post from my journey north to spend time with my sister:

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