Monday, January 3, 2011

Indoor Scenes From One Happy Morning

I was at my computer doing my usual morning routine when I turned around and spotted this sleeping threesome. That's when I decided to grab my camera:

Little Winky never joins the sleep piles. He prefers a soft rug which is close, but not too close, to the other dogs:

Draco is happy and able to get comfortable almost anywhere. I can tell by the white hairs covering my house. On this morning he was lounging right near my feet:

Bramble keeps an eye on everything and everyone:

Old Snoozey is now feeling his age, so he chose a spot up off the floor where Fergus couldn't bother him:

Wally chose his all-time favorite spot, the rocking chair. The Saran Wrap on the back is to prevent Wally from trying to jump off the chair through the spaces in the back. He tried it once and got his tubby middle wedged. I was home to rescue him, but I surely wouldn't want that to happen when I wasn't there:

Rocky got up on his scratching tree. He and Draco have not been getting along lately, so he must have figured that this was a safe place:

Daphne and Clover were eating breakfast:

"Chewing furniture legs? Oh no, I'd never do that! It was tasty, though, even though I didn't do it:":

"Dad, did you see what Clover did?":

Then they all took a snooze. The missing wall plaster is a product of both the cats and the Papillon puppies:

Georgette, having no patience at all for silliness, was lounging up off the ground in a dog bed with her eyes open slightly. She certainly didn't want another animal sneaking up on her:

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