Friday, September 4, 2015

Whitehill Wild Forest - Part 3

My sister and I were hiking with my dogs in the White Hill Wild Forest (see previous two posts). We'd passed Little Rock Pond and were continuing on, hoping to arrive at Long Pond. I'd been there before and remembered it as the site of the biggest, most astounding beaver dam I've ever seen anywhere. So we kept trekking in spite of the heat:

I was just telling her about the bright red mushrooms I used to see so often when we came upon two of them, each as red as an apple:

We crossed several small streams. They were a mixed blessing of cooling water for the dogs but difficult walking for me in my braces as well as direct sunshine in that oppressive heat:

But the dogs got a refreshing drink and cool, wet feet at each water crossing. Seamus, beginning to suffer from the heat, lay down in one and appeared as if he might not go any farther. But of course he did, so we kept hiking:

But eventually the heat and humidity wore us all down and we turned back toward the trail head:

And we saw this lovely example of Beechdrops, a parasitic plant without leaves or chlorophyll. Not surprisingly, it was growing with a small Beech seedling:

We were hot and tired, even though we really hadn't hiked very far. It was a particularly welcome blessing when we returned to the shores of Clear Pond. Seamus, who had been most affected by the heat, was the first to go in:

And all the dogs still had enough energy for a bit of play:

A bit of romping in the wildflower meadow by the shore:

Every dog sniffed everything thoroughly

My sister waded out to cool off also, but only Seamus lay right down in the water. It was an exceedingly hot day. We got back into the car and stopped for takeout pizza on our way home. This was an adventure and fun outing, a nice start to her visit:

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