Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Hammond Museum, Part 3

I had just entered the stone house, second building in the Hammond Museum complex, and discovered that it consisted of domestic scenes from an earlier era. I began in the kitchen, with its wood stove, fireplace and Dutch oven:

From there I entered the dining room, complete with a model of an apple pie:

A parlor:

And a bedroom:

Out behind the stone house was a carriage house which, it won't surprise you to learn, held carriages. Also, notice the old wheelbarrow:

And a fanning mill:

And a sleigh:

We walked out to the large barn which, I had been told, had been disassembled on a local farm, brought to this site and reassembled:

It was filled with a jumble of wondrous artifacts, everything illuminated by electrified railroad lanterns:

The barn was had a collection of all sorts of things - just as a barn should have:

From there we walked out to the blacksmith's shop:

And the railroad ticket sales office, also brought here from a local site. But this was the end of my tour. I stopped back in the office to thank the historian and her young assistant for the tours. Then I left for home, where I had a lot of animals waiting for me:

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