Saturday, January 10, 2015

Around The Farm In January

Once or twice a day I go out to the bale feeder and turn the hay over with a fork, throwing out any moldy, coarse or too-frozen-to-eat portions, and pulling the "good stuff" toward the sides where the cattle can reach it. This not only makes it easier for them, but enables me to keep a close eye on the condition of the hay and to know when it should be replaced. The cows know I do this and move in quickly, hoping to find some new, tasty grass hay they'd missed:

I let the chickens out for several day during a thaw, but at first they hesitated, unsure of what all that cold, white stuff was:

Once the chickens were out, they had a fine time:

And the cows watch everything that happens:

Locked indoors for the winter, the fantail pigeons seem content. I recently saw a Cooper's Hawk fly past the window and was happy they were indoors:

The chickens got out for a couple of days, but most of the winter they too spend indoors:

We've had some very fine days, albeit cold ones, mixed in with the snow. The shiny red coats on the Red Polls look especially handsome as they glisten in the sun:

This pigeon must have been dreaming of lazy summer days as he watched, longingly, out the window:

The Red Poll girls have become used to my presence at the bale feeder and sometimes won't even get out of my way. I give them a push with my hand or shoulder to get them to move:

The north end of the barn is where I keep the bedding hay, the tractor and the bush hog out of the snow and rain:

The south end of the barn is where the cattle are allowed to sleep at night - although they seldom choose to do so:

Winter is beautiful but long and difficult. I'm sure longing for summer. I'd even skip springtime if I had my druthers, just to get to summer:

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