Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pets, Safe And Warm Inside The House

The winds here blow fiercely, especially in the winter, but my dogs and cats stay warm and safe indoors. Draco enjoyed watching me working outside the kitchen window:

Bramble has pretty much taken over PeeWee's downstairs dog bed but PeeWee most often now prefers the kitchen floor pillows with the other dogs:

 And the kitchen floor pillows are the busiest spot in the house:

Snoozey likes to hang around with both dogs and cats. He just doesn't like Georgette:

Rocky has always been a bit socially dysfunctional, but has lately been venturing downstairs and hanging out with the other animals:

Draco, Clover and Seamus forsook the floor pillows in order to be with me while I was at the computer:

But they all favor the kitchen as their first choice:

I enjoy seeing PeeWee with the other dogs and can tell that he derives much comfort from their presence. Being nearly deaf and blind, not to mention a bit senile, he would feel all alone without them near. When someone knocked on my door recently, the dogs all barked and PeeWee, unable to tell what was going on but able to hear the barking, began howling like a little wolf. He didn't know someone was there, but he shared the excitement:

Draco and Snoozey are best buddies and enjoy sharing a kitchen chair:
Bramble is happy to pal around with any of the dogs or cats:

If I'm going out or any length of time, I evict Bramble from the downstairs dog bed and put PeeWee there instead. He's generally happy there for several hours:
PeeWee also has a dog bed upstairs and Seamus has one at the foot of the bed. The other three sleep on the bed. But just in case anyone wants a change of pace, there are three pillows on the floor as well:

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