Thursday, January 1, 2015

Garvin And Harvey Roads In North Bangor, New York

I was on my way home from the North Country Animal Shelter in Malone, New York (previous two posts) and noticing the lovely farm country along the road. I eventually gave in to temptation and turned onto Garvin Road for a driving tour. I was not disappointed:

This modern style barn had an old fashioned, traditional corn crib:

A farm house with both a wonderful front porch and an upstairs balcony from which to enjoy the scenery:

A herd of cattle, eating beside an old barn and silo:

A farm house behind a traditional maple:

This was indeed traditional farm country, with old fashioned family farms everywhere:

A very large tractor was parked outside this red barn:

A farm house with a smaller barn out back:

A sugar house with its supply of wood all cut and stacked for use in the springtime:

Lots of firewood here too:

At some point I left Garvin Road and continued on Harvey Road, passing these beautiful birch trees, bordering woodlands:

This classic, red brick farm house sat up on a hill and must have had lovely views. But my driving tour was over and I had dogs waiting for me at home. So I put away my camera and continued on toward home:

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