Saturday, September 1, 2012

Part 2 - High Falls On The Big Salmon River

The dogs and I were hiking along the Big Salmon River on our way to High Falls. The formerly placid river became a churning rapids and then began to plunge downhill. The trail followed along closely and I began to get nervous when little Daphne walked right to the edge of the cliff to look down. In fact, I put the dogs on leashes at that point:

We dropped down alongside the falls and then walked around to view the front of it. And it was quite a beautiful waterfall even in the middle of a hot, dry summer:

There were two other couples there enjoying the falls and the river, but they were friendly and liked my dogs so I left them off leash:

One couple seemed to prefer the falls, the other seemed to prefer the quieter waters below the falls:

The couple above asked me to take their photo. I then asked them take mine - just as a dragonfly landed on my shoulder:

I'd read that dragonflies don't bite, so I left him there for quite a while. But he eventually became irritating to my skin and I had to give him a push to get him to fly off:

Little Clover explored the rocks but wouldn't go into the water:

But soon it was time to go. I called the dogs and we began the return trip back through the forest to the trail head:

Clover looked tiny beneath the trees but she was right at home there:

When we again got access to the river, Fergus and Seamus went in and got cooled off. Daphne took a drink but didn't seem interested in another swim:

We passed again through the Joe-Pye Weed:

Several more families passed by as they made their way down to the falls and I put the dogs back on their leashes until we neared the trail head. At that point they got one more chance at the river and then we jumped back into the car and continued on our way:

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