Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Summer Afternoon At Home

This is not an exciting post, just a few shots from around the house on a summer's day. It begins with three buddies snoozing comfortably. Seamus, Fergus and Daphne have become inseparable. This is the last post of photos taken before the arrival of little Clover. From now on, she'll appear as a regular member of the family:

Pink roses blossomed just outside the front door:

Many of the neighbors were still displaying their flags:

I'd had some plants die over the winter and purchased this "Fourth Of July" Rose. It sure seemed appropriate:

And a tall Old English Rose:

In the back yard, little Daphne knew where to find a comfortable lounging spot:

And the Clematis were in full bloom:

All the dogs enjoyed the sunny weather that afternoon. Winter can be a trial, but summer in this part of the country can be wonderful:

Several years ago I'd purchased this miniature rose and almost forgotten about it. But this summer it bloomed so heavily that I had to tie it to the fence:

And a bit of silly puppy-play by the three buddies:

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