Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ringneck Dove Update

You may recall that I'd decided to allow two pairs of my Ringneck Doves to raise babies and stopped replacing their eggs with wooden eggs. I'd already had two babies hatch from one nest, and one morning discovered one new baby in the second nest. It was so darn tiny that I put a two day old baby next to it for comparison. This is how much a baby dove can grow in only two days:

Still blind and helpless, both babies (one from each nest) are the yellow color which usually indicates they'll be white as adults:

Mama dove from nest #2 had only one baby that morning. Many bird species carefully begin setting only after a full clutch of eggs is finished so that they'll all hatch at the same time. The mama in nest #1 had accomplished that. In this case, I wondered if one egg might not hatch. But Mom was happy with her little squirmy babe:

I picked up the new hatchling, not yet even one day old, for a photo. Mama didn't mind:

It's amazing to compare the babies to the eggs from which they came. How do they fit in there? And by the next day it'll be doubled in size:

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