Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Dove Update Number 3, A Tale Of Two Nests

Lets begin with nest #1, the most recently hatched and the offspring of a pied silky father and a white mother. The naked baby on the left is now 2 days old and the baby on the right is 3 days old:

With the same parents and only one day between them, it is clear how quickly these little critters grow. It's downright astounding:

Since their feathers are not yet in, you can still see their ear holes. Once a bird becomes feathered, their ears are hidden. At 2 and 3 days old, these babies' eyes are not yet open either:

And on to nest #1, where the babies are 5 days old. Their eyes are just beginning to open and their feathers are growing in, showing that they won't be pure white as I'd initially thought, but pied, with random darker patches:

Both parents keep themselves busy feeding these babies pigeon milk and the little ones seem quite fat. Their crops seem always full:

In this final photo of the 5 day old Ringneck Dove youngsters, it is clear to see their dark spots coming in along with their feathers and their eyes opening. They've still got a remarkably vacant look on their faces, but that should change as they mature. I'll keep you posted on their progress:

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