Friday, June 18, 2010

Happiness And Contentment At Home

And yet another series of at-home photos of happy, contented pets living their lives under my watchful eye. This may not be adventurous material, but the cute factor is great. For example, here's the two Papillon pups, Clover and Daphne, at play. Clover is now 9 weeks old and Daphne is 6 months:

Clover finished her wrestling match with Daphne and dived onto Fergus to give him a bit of excitement and exercise. Wally keeps himself safe from puppy antics by retreating to the rocking chair. Draco and Snoozy, the two cats in the picture, don't mind a moment of puppy play but they also know how to put a stop to it when it goes too far:

Tired from wrestling, Daphne takes a snooze with her cat buddy, Bramble:

Dog pile! Daphne, Fergus and Seamus do their "nest of baby chipmunks" imitation while Wren works on a rawhide chewie nearby:

All the dogs love their chewies. Daphne had decapitated one when I took this photo. Baby Clover often drags around rawhide chewies as long as her whole body:

Daphne enjoyed a bit of closeness with her big brother, friend and protector, Seamus:

Draco is deaf, so sleeping comes quite easily to him in spite of the dogs playing on the floor below:

That door to the left is my bathroom door. You can see how it is sometimes tricky for me to get in there, picking my way through the dog piles:

And right near my computer chair, Seamus, Fergus, Winky and Wren kept me company:

My two little old curmudgeon dogs, Winky and Wren, are buddies. They stay upstairs in my bedroom when I leave the house so that they can experience some peace and quiet. Wren has recently begun showing the telltale signs of aging and discomfort, so I am bracing myself for what I know is coming. She's had a good life, a long run. I rescued her from the Shelter as they were leading her in to be put down for her "crimes" of being old and fat. I am proud to have had the pleasure of her company and the warmth of her love for all these years:

Have you noticed how much sleeping these dogs do? It's a pretty easy life they lead:

One last dog pile, this time with Wren snoozing nearby:

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